Lindsey Hilliard


My story

From the time I hit my teens, I struggled with my weight – I over ate and used food to fill a void.

Then I found a career I loved – police officer - and my weight dropped.

My confidence levels were on a constant roller coaster and I never quite believed in myself, always looking for others to validate my worth.

I started my own part-time personal training business teaching groups of women how to exercise safely – and loved every minute of it!

Things were great for awhile, but then my mental health started to suffer – I became negative and paranoid about everything (a pretty common by-product of seeing the worst of society).

About a year after my second child was born, I couldn’t work and was diagnosed with depression.

Doctors and psychiatrists just wanted to throw drugs at me and ask, “How does that make you feel?” about 10,000 different ways… (in case anyone is wondering – this is NEVER helpful in healing!)

I succumbed for a short time to medication, but knew this was NOT the way.

Then…. I made the life-changing decision to resign from my much-loved career as a police detective. It was no longer serving me…It was destroying me.

I did the work on myself – delved into personal development, started using meditation and affirmations and was able to drop the meds as quickly as I started them.

I landed three jobs at once – taking my pick, which was super cool!

I delved into learning more about how I could heal myself – physically and mentally, and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

This has propelled me onto the journey of helping myself and others from a holistic perspective, rather than a clinical one.

Then I stumbled upon Marisa Peer and her Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Method and it has changed my life. My confidence has soared - I no longer rely on others to validate my worth and I can heal myself quicker than ever before.

I saw such amazing changes in myself, and continue to do so.

And now, I utilise all these tools - RTT, coaching and personal training to nourish the minds, bodies and lives of others to strive forward in the best way possible and realise their potential.

My mantra


yourself – this is the foundation for everything! And then share that love with the world.


your body, move into action, move forward.


little by little or in leaps and bounds.